The Futurist: New high-tech home protection ideas

The Futurist: New high-tech home protection ideas

We all want to keep our homes and businesses safe from break-ins. Here are some new home protection technologies on The Futurist.

ROTUNDUS: Let's get the ball rolling with the Rotundus Ground Bot. This balling robot is designed to keep a watchful eyeball on your home.  Controlled by remote or GPS, its mounted cameras and sensors are airtight so it won't spark a gas leak when it's hunting for one.

The silent stalker moves at six miles an hour, for up to 16 hours. Unlike old-style patrolling units, it doesn't stop for naps, smoke breaks, or televised ball games. 

LOCKATRON: The Lockatron keyless entry has got some long-range security-smarts. It allows you to control the locks on your door from anywhere around the world with just a few taps on your smartphone. 

SMART THINGS: The Smart Things Home Automation System lets you to set up a do it yourself home security system that transmits alerts and information through your smart phone.

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