The Futurist: Science predictions from the future here today

The Futurist: Science predictions from the future here today

With populations exploding and natural resources waning, scientist predicted that by 2012 we would all be living in space. We aren’t quite there yet, but the dream is still alive.

One of the concepts of the first city in space shows giant rotating rings surrounding a space station creating artificial gravity.  This would apparently allow us to farm, create water and oxygen all from orbit.

But before we get to space, scientists of the past promised our mega cities of tomorrow would not have mega traffic. The wait for a traffic-free commute home might be over with the introduction of Terrafugia. This is a roadable aircraft that is supposed to be out next year and over 80 aircraft have already been reserved.

Scientists also predicted robots would be doing everything for humans, We may still be waiting on our robotic maids, but the concept known as Swarm Bots promises to deliver. These little guys work together to achieve almost anything.


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