The Futurist: Smart clothes for the future

The Futurist: Smart clothes for the future

In the future, it seems everything will be smart. We've got smart homes, smart cars and smart phones. It's time for our clothes to grow a brain too. 

SMART CLOTHES: UC Berkley has created a nano-electric fiber that will allow you to create electricity with everyday movements.  But they aren't the only ones with the goal of creating smart clothes. Across town at Stanford University scientists have been doing something similar and have created an amazing fabric that combines cloth with nano-infused ink so your outfit will hold a charge and essentially turn into a battery.

It's estimated that just walking around will generate enough power to keep your cell phone charged.  

SMART SHOES: The new Nike Lunar Hyperdunk 2012+ gives athletes access to info on how they perform in real-time. This is ideal for anyone who wants to up their game.  It won't instantly transform you into the next LeBron, but at least you'll look space-age while you're flying to the net! 

SMART WATCH: The Sony Smartwatch allows a bluetooth connection between your smart phone and your new smart watch. This will give you access to your music, texts and emails.

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