The Futurist: Using technology to protect female soldiers

The Futurist: Using technology to protect female soldiers

Recently four service women filed suit against the military. Female troops are banned from ground combat, which limits promotion and though they fight bravely alongside their male counterparts, they're not eligible for medals to recognize their service.

BODY ARMOR: According to the pentagon, 20,000 of the U.S. 205,000 troops in Afghanistan are women. The male body armor's center of gravity is too high for our warrior princesses, but a company is now tailoring it for women.

Women are a big force behind the controls of our drone programs.  Here's a new eye in the sky to make enemies cry. It's The Wasp by aeroVironment. It provides silent surveillance and small enough for a back pack. It assembles in seconds and keeps a bird’s eye view on its users.

INVISIBLE SOLDIER: Scientists have cooked up a cloak of invisibility that brings Harry Potter to life. It’s called quantum stealth.  The cloth is the secret and it works by bending the light around an object.

With women's roles in the military growing, we look at future technology to keep them safe on The Futurist.



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