The Futurist: High tech heart, lingere 2.0 and flower power

The Futurist: High tech heart, lingere 2.0 and flower power

Is your valentine into tech?   Here's a look at a few gifts that will keep them updated now and in the future.

1) Swarovski USB Heart: This USB is encrusted with 54 crystals and doubles as a 4 gig flash drive for only $75 dollars.  Mega bytes mean mega love bytes.  
2) Teckno Charm Bracelet: The $100 TecknoCharm bracelet is jewelry designed to go hand in hand with your smartphone.  Featuring a diamond or ruby, it's an elegant QR Code that scans and stores a secret message within. It launches you like Cupid's arrow to a website, link or where ever your heart desires.    
3) Transparent Dress:  A dutch artist claims his latest design - an avant-garde dress dubbed the intimacy 2.0 -  is clearly the future of lingerie. It's made from smart e-foils and has a sensor that detects a racing pulse. When it feels a quickening heartbeat, the fabric turns transparent. Definitely not suitable for the gym.
4) Rosy Gift: When real flowers fade, for $17 this rosy gift will still burn bright.  It's called the Hallmark Blooming Expression and it opens again and again to leave a lasting impression.  Just press a button and the petals part to reveal a beautiful botanical message.
Best part, unlike most cards, it's sporty enough to put on display all year long.



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