Weird Science: Fiesty fish, drunk mice and robot goes to school

No doubt there's a lot to keep up with when it comes to changing technology. Today on Weird Science, it's all about fearless fish, rodents getting wrecked, and a cybernetic student. 

1) First up, a tale of feisty fish. Researchers at Sweden's Umeå University have made a bizarre discovery about perch. They say that in the last few years, the freshwater game fish have become more aggressive and more likely to engage in anti-social behavior.   

Why?   Because low levels of anti-anxiety medication have found their way into our rivers and streams. Instead of calming and soothing them like it does in humans, the meds remove fear and inhibition. 
2) Next in weird world are some liquored up lab rats. Scientists are getting mice drunk so they can get them sober again. Biomolecular engineers at UCLA have been able to quickly reduce blood alcohol levels by giving them nano capsules containing an alcohol digesting enzymes.  These are basically working like a thousand liver cell units in the stomachs of the rodents. 
3) Robot goes to school. Remember when you got sick as a kid and got to stay home and watch reruns? Sorry little guys. Those days are over. Thanks to this stunning development, a robot now goes to school for you. 
Devon Carrow from West Seneca, New York has life threatening allergies that don't allow him to go to school, but his 4-foot robot can.   A wireless video link from a sterile environment lets him participate in class, hang around during recess and see a show in the auditorium.  Plus his cool robotic swagger assures he'll never get busted for running in the hallway.   
Science is cool -- especially when it gets weird.
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