TOP OF THE LIST: Biggest social media stories of 2012


Here's the biggest stories in social media in 2012:

1. PSY's "Gangham Style" comes in at number one with nearly one billion hits on YouTube!

2. Carly Rae Jensen with her catchy song "Call Me Maybe," making it one of the top three viral videos of 2012. Also going viral were teenage sensations Charlotte and Johnathan wowed the world with their tryout on "Britain's Got Talent" 

3. TOP TWEETS: A candid photo of Barack Obama hugging Michelle after winning the presidency earned 817,000 tweets

4. TOP SEARCHES: Apple iPhone 5 comes in at number one, with "Election 2012" making the second spot. At third for the bronze is "2012 Olympics " 

5. TOP CELEBS: Actress Sara Ramirez of the TV show "Grey's Anatomy" comes in first. Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth who played Thor in "The Avengers" comes in second. And "Friday Night Lights" actor Kyle Chandler is third.


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