3 tips to help you look expensive without breaking the bank

Dolly Parton once said "it takes a lot of money to look this cheap," but if you want to reverse that and look expensive without spending a lot of money look to Andrea Pomerantz Lustig.  

She started the Glamour magazine beauty blog, and has been dolling out beauty advice in her column and articles for the past 10 years.  Add that to her vast knowledge of tips and tricks from some of the top celebrity stylists and Lustig has beauty gold, all of which she has put into her book 'How To Look Expensive'.

The book includes tips on hair styles and DIY coloring advice, and even gives Lustig's suggestions for beauty products in all price ranges from makeup to skin care.  
Lustig's first piece of advice: less is more.  She says it holds true for many things, if you have one great eye shadow kit and 5 makeup brushes you are set.
According to Lustig, the greatest downfall for most women is buying too much, and constantly searching for the holy grail of beauty products.  She says if you find a product you like stick with it, until you don't like it any more; she adds that just because a product costs more doesn't mean it will work the way you want it to.
To Lustig, gorgeous hair is the ultimate status symbol.
"Once you learn how to give yourself a great blow dry or do your hair in a way that gives you hair happiness, you're set for life," she said.
If you need some advice on how to do it, she has you covered with easy to follow step by step instructions in the book, and she says you can extend the life of that style by using a dry shampoo.  
"Just spritz it into the root and you feel like you have clean hair, and it also thickens your hair at the same time," she said.
Her top save option for dry shampoo is Aveno which runs about $8 at most drug stores.
You don't need a lot of money to have great skin. One of Lustig's favorite new products is BB Cream.  They have been used in Asia since the 80s and now they have made their way to the U.S.  The trifecta of beauty goodness includes, skin care, foundation, and sunscreen all in one product, making it your secret weapon.  
"It's really the all in one time saver. I put it on in the morning before I take my kids to school and I feel like my skin looks fabulous," Lustig said.
The best part of this product is they are self correcting, which makes them really hard to mess up.  
Want to splurge? The Lancome version which comes in around $75 and can be found at most department stores. Her save option is Lumene for $15 at most drug stores.
Another bit of beauty advice from Lustig comes down to the makeup where a smoky eye is key. Just leave the dark colors for date night and think bronze for the boardroom.  Bronze is universally flattering for all eye colors, and Lustig says it's important to blend the colors with your fingers.
"They warm up the color and will make it blend into your skin. That's one of my tips for making your makeup look expensive, is you want it to look like it comes from within your skin," said Lustig.
Lust says you can splurge on Too Faced Naked Natural Eye Kit for $36, or save and go for Rimmel's Quad eye shadow for $6.
Here are few final tips to looking expensive that won't cost you a thing.
"If you look confident, you're going to look more beautiful; posture, standing up straight and a smile.  Those are my favorite freebie beauty tips," Lustig said.
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