Top of the List: Another storm coming to NY, Bird Bird takes on Sandy and Thanksgiving travel

Here are the stories that are making the top of our list for November 8.

1) STORM FATIGUE:  As if Hurricane Sandy wasn't enough, another storm is dumping wet snow and snapping power lines across the northeast. New York Mayor Bloomberg warned residents of the potential damages which could include flooding in places already eroded by Sandy.

With rain, snow and wind gusts up to 60 mph, the new storm is putting recovery efforts on hold. However, through it all, residents are keeping up the can-do spirit. 

2) BIG BIRD ON SANDY GROUND:  "Sesame Street" is airing a special hurricane episode this Friday, in hopes of teaching kids how to bounce back from Superstorm Sandy.  Perfect for the whole family to watch together, it's actually a condensed version of a five-part “Sesame” series that first aired back in 2001. 

3) HAPPY SHOPSGIVING:  Black Friday is creeping deeper into Thursday. Walmart has their stores flinging open their door to welcome shoppers at 8 p.m. Thanksgiving night.   In 2011, Walmart kicked things off at 10 p.m., but decided to start even earlier this year.

4) BIG MONEY, BIG CROWDS:  Lots of people and lots of money is what travelers should be prepared for this Thanksgiving.  Nearly 24 million people are predicted to fly over holiday week. Planes are already close to 90-percent -- and prices are increasing as the crowds do. 

5) VIDEO VILLAINY: It looked like a scene out of James Bond or the Italian Job. Six robber dressed in black and riding motorcycles executed a high speed smash and grab using axes. It happened just after a London Shopping Center opened for the day. The robbers sped up to the Fraser Hart Jewelry store, smashed in the window and started loot.

No one was hurt, but an elderly man was treated for shock at the scene. 

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