By the numbers: Top 3 most wanted toys for Christmas 2012

With Black Friday under your belt, it's time to loosen your waistband one more time for everything you forgot, avoided, or didn't know you needed.

The national retail federation and,org say holiday buying will be up by 4.1 percent this year -- to over $586 billion dollars. When it comes to spending those hard earned dollars 68 percent of shoppers say they expect to spend the same or more money this holiday shopping season.  One in three people say they'll spend over $500 on gifts. 

Clothes, electronics, toys/games are the top three types of gifts consumers will purchase.

Here are the 3 most wanted toys for kids in 2012:

1) Furby 2012: Furby is back and this time he's iPhone compatible.

3) Crayola light designer: You won’t have to worry about your kids eating this Crayola as it's all digital.

3) Teenage Mutant Turtles Shellraiser is the third most popular toy for kids in 2012.

If you want your credit rating to stay as black as the Friday after Thanksgiving, you might want to unplug your cell phone to avoid temptation.  Why?  So far 166 percent more people shopped via mobile devices this year than last and they estimate that 63 percent of shoppers will find their gifts on-line.

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