Hot List: Firing up Fat Tuesday, viral dancing, and your doggy's IQ

On the Hot List for Feb 11, we are firing up Fat Tuesday, doing some viral dancing, and checking your doggy's IQ. 

1) FAT TUESDAY: Mardi Gras is going full tilt in New Orleans -- even though it's in the 60s and drizzling. 
2) HARLEM SHAKE: Weird internet trends are blazing through the web like fire. Move over Gangnam style; the Harlem Shake is kicking up sparks.  The viral videos usually involve someone dancing alone in a room full of people, and then  half way through, all mayhem breaks loose.    
3) DOG THOUGHTS: Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? Dognition is a new website that allows you to test how hot your own dog's IQ really is. For $60, experts break down the results of science-based games, so you can really get into the mind of Fido.   
Beads, beats, and brainy beagles, on the Hot List.  
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