Top of the List: Nascar fights, going viral for a cat, and Dorothy's Wizard of Oz dress on sale


Here are the top stories people are talking about on November 12, 2012.

NASCAR KNUCKLEFEST: Crews for Nascar royalty Jeff Gordon and rival Clint Bowyer got in a brawl Sunday at the Sprint Cup Race in Arizona.  The unbelievable scene played out after Gordon and Bowyer's cars kissed in lap 305.

Things got really intense when Bowyer tried to get in Gordon's face. He had to be held back by the pit boys.

FAKE MUSTACHES AND DIRTY LAUNDRY:  The nation's former top spy David Petraeus was caught in the crosshairs of a scandal following his abrupt post-election resignation. This serious story rocked the intelligence community and spies, politicos and media were left scratching their heads.

Biographer Paula Broadwell's appearance with Jon Stewart in January will now be seen in a whole new light.  She wrote the book on Petraeus but clearly, also added a new chapter to his life -- and maybe wrote the end to his career.   

MUNCHKIN BUCKS: One of the multiple blue gingham dresses worn by Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz was auctioned off this weekend for nearly half a million dollars. The money was paid by a private bidder. But the $480,000 price tag was not exactly munchkin money.  The ruby slippers were sold last year for $2 million.

FACEBOOK FANCY FEAST:  Two kids, 7-year-old Remi and 1-year-old Evelyn had a photo posted on Facebook saying if it got 1,000 "likes," their parents would get them a cat.  The photo went viral, and they got a 100,000 likes! 

No, that didn't get them 100 cats but it did get them one really cute one.  The kids named their new pet Harriet Potter.

SUNDOWN UNDER: Night will come early in Australia early Wednesday morning as Aussies are treated to Earth's first total eclipse in more than two years. The moon will pass between the sun and Earth, creating iconic and spooky black shadow across the Southern Pacific. 

The best place to catch the eclipse is a narrow path overlooking the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea, In the U.S. we'll have to settle for a partial solar eclipse Tuesday afternoon.




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