The Hot List: Katie Holmes dating again - maybe, baby perfume and Kate Upton

Holmes looking for a homey,  a new cologne - for babies and the steamy covergirl who's being called the new Marilyn Monroe: We're cooking with a high flame on the hot list.

1) KATIE HOLMES: Is Katie Holmes dipping her toe in the dating-waters?  She's been seen in the company of men, including veteran dreamboat Jake Gyllenhall, although she's denied anything romantic. A source told Radar Online that Katie's in a pickle 'cause she doesn't want to give up her freedom. Not to mention she's got her hands full momming little Suri, who's nearly 7 years old.

BABY SCENTS:  There are tots on today's hot list -- and even they're scratching their little heads. Why? Dolce and Gabbana has cooked up a new fragrance just for babies. The brand claims it is "designed to cuddle and pamper every little boy and girl"...and it's just $44 a bottle!  
Reports say the scent will accentuate and enhance baby's natural smell.,,,and hopefully cover that "Chanel number 2" fragrance.
KATE UPTON: Thermometer-melting cover girl Kate Upton is doing all kinds of global warming. The New York post is comparing her to "some like it hot" star Marilyn Monroe. Kate burned up the small screen with a 4 second appearance in this super bowl Mercedes spot. But it's her down home style and attitude that's got guys, especially gamers, going gaga.
Bringing the heat, on The Hot List.  


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