The Hot List:Beyonce exposed hot Aussie hopper and Krispy Crime

2/15/13 - Beyonce behind the scenes, a hoppy-hot Aussie and a high calorie high-jack. It's culture poppin' on the Hot List.

Cranking up the Fahrenheit on your plasma is Beyonce's fiery documentary "Life is but a Dream." It premieres on HBO tomorrow.

Red hot Australian Olympic hurdler Michelle Jenneke also makes our list. She appeared in this week's Sports Illustrated, and made "heatlines" when she busted out her trademark warm-up routine during her photo shoot. 
You may remember her moves from the Olympics. Interweb worshippers threw enough heat to launch her into viral super stardom.   

News flash! Cops were in hot pursuit of a donut truck. In Georgia a man was caught on camera jacking this Krispy Kreme truck, 
The deliveryman was dropping off his glazed goodness but his truck took a powder before he could finish.  Police were called and the caloric caper turned into a chase. The cruller-crook came to a dead end in a residential neighborhood and was tracked down by a police dog.


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