The Hot List: Miracle dress, JELLO dropping, Mo' millionares and eye candy

There were the hottest headlines of the day: 

1) Lose inches on your body in seconds using the miracle dress: ABC's  Good Morning America spotted this trend that is on fire.  It's high-end fashion with shape-wear sewn right into the dress itself.  
The company says their dresses are designed to make a woman look 10 pounds lighter or 1 size smaller. 

2) JELLO's helping heal the hearts of San Fran: The good people of JELLO are helping dry the tears of 49ers fans by handing out free pudding in the city by the bay.  On Tuesday, thousands of pudding cups were dropped in locations around town. 

3) Eye Candy from Calvin Klein's new model: Move over David Beckham, and check out the new, ab-solutely smoking model for Calvin Klein. We all saw 21-year-old Matthew Terry premiere during the Super Bowl.

"I got a call from my agent saying your ad is going to be in the Super Bowl. I was pretty much speechless," said Terry.

And he left many others speechless.

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