Top of the List: 2013 inflation, polar bear pod attack, and the BCS


On January 7, these were the headlines people were talking about:

INFLATION NATION: 2013 is the year of the wallet – in the “get ready to have yours emptied out” way.

Here’s what will cost you more:

a)       Gas prices are already up about three cents and experts say it won't stop there.

b)       Cars will cost more apparently due to higher fuel efficiency standards. 

c)       Then there’s food. Last year’s drought means vegetables and meat prices have also gone up.

d)       Health premiums have increased

e)       Tuition costs have also gone up 5 percent nationally.

RUNNING HOT AND COLD: The cold weather that's been plaguing the Midwest and the East Coast will ease up this week. The snow was so bad in Green Bay that volunteers shoveled Lambeau field before the Packers game this weekend.

SLEEPING BEAUTY: New research proves that women are grumpy in the morning. A survey by the Sleep Council discovered women wake up crabbier than men and stay that way longer. The research says 13 percent of women say they never wake up in a bad mood compared to 25 percent of men. 

The biggest reason women say they're angry in the morning is stress and worry,

SCARE BEARS: Wildlife photographer Gordon Buchanan built a special pod  to observe polar bears in Norway for a BBC TV series. What he didn't count on was the bears' reaction. A 1,000 pound bear clawed at his shark cage for more than 45 minutes trying to get to Buchanan.

ALL ON THE LINE:  Monday night will have the biggest game in college football as Alabama takes on Notre Dame. A win tonight would be Alabama's third in four years and they'd make history as the first team with back to back BCS wins. Notre Dame did not even rank at the start of the season. They are looking for their first national championship since 1988.

In the NFL, rookie quarterbacks Russell Wilson for the Seahawks and Robert Griffin for the Redskins faced off. Wilson, who was the overall 75th draft pick last year, came out the winner while Griffin hurt his knee. The Seahawks move on to face the Falcons. Also advancing to round 2 are Houston, Green Bay and Baltimore.




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