Top of the List: a woman's perfect day?

The stories everyone's talking about on Friday, November 9 are the following.

1) MAD DASH FOR GAS: New Yorkers are joining Jerseyites having to deal with gasoline rationing.  Police are standing by to monitor the pumping from hurricane-frayed New Yorkers.  New York's Mayor says it could be a couple of weeks more before the Big Apple's carbon footprint grows again.  But even if the gas does start flowing,  a staggering 250 thousand cars were lost as a result of Superstorm Sandy!

2) FISCAL CLIFF: After his electoral victory, Obama was in the East Room today addressing the so-called "fiscal cliff."  The President's call to action came after he revealed his softer side with a tearful message of gratitude to his campaign workers.

3) BATTLE OF HER LIFE: Dancing with the Stars co-host Brook Burke Charvet tweeted that she's overwhelemed by love and prayers since sharing her thyroid cancer diagnosis via YouTube.  The thyroidectomy will leave a scar across Brooke's neck, but doctors said this is a "good kind of cancer" to be fighting.  Burke, who is a mother of four, said she is ready for the challenge.

4) PERFECT DAY: The Journal of Economic Psychology has broken down what they claim is a woman's perfect day, and the results may surprise you:
--73 minutes of prayer and meditation
--78 minutes of relaxation
--82 minutes of socializing
--106 minutes of sexual intimacy
What's your ideal day?  Let us know by leaving a comment!

5) THE COOLEST CUT: Whether you're giving, receiving, or just a gemophile, there's one mega diamond that is sure to catch your eye.  With an auction estimate of $15 to $25 million, the cushion-cut Archduke Joseph diamond is measured at more than 75 carats, and hits the block in Geneva next week.  The uncommonly clear and gigantic gem was unearthed in India 400 years ago from the same mine that produced the Blue Hope diamond - the rock Richard Burton bough Liz Taylor.

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