Top of the List: Blizzard can't stop fashion and a goat on the loose

Here are the stories people were talking about on February 8, 2013.

1.  SNOW WAY:  The Northeast is bracing for what could be an historic blizzard.  Everybody’s talking about the weather, from fashionistas to fliers.  New York Fashion week isn’t throwing enough heat to bring a thaw, but they are raising the temperatures in the tents to keep guests warm.  They are also bringing on additional personnel to help clear the snow.  Airlines canceled 3,700 flights in advance of the epic storm.  Snow totals are expected to reach a foot in the Big Apple and three feet in Boston. 

2.  ROGUE RAGE: The bizarre story of a former Los Angeles police officer on a rampage keeps getting stranger.  Christopher Dorner sent a package to CNN’s Anderson Cooper last week.  Inside, a hand labeled DVD and a yellow post-it note that said ‘I never lied’.  There was also a gold coin wrapped in duct tape with bullet holes in it.  The coin is a souvenir from the Los Angeles Police Chief. 

The search for Dorner has centered around the resort area of Big Bear in Southern California.  Chris Riddle works at Big Bear Mountain Resort, he talked with The List via Skype.  He said the community is on edge.

"There was a certain tension even you could feel it with the police officers because they’re the ones that were targets.  It was an odd feeling even with them around, although there was a certain amount of security because there were so many officers up here," said Riddle.

Dorner claims officers ruined his life by forcing him out of his dream job.  Dorner is accused of killing his lawyer’s daughter and her fiancé last weekend and shooting at police officers Thursday, killing one and critically wounding another.

3.  NOT SO FAST POST OFFICE:  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is questioning whether the post office has the authority to drop Saturday mail delivery.  The Nevada Senator said the drastic policy change can’t be enacted without a congressional rubber stamp.  Earlier this week, the post office made the announcement.  Package and P.O. box delivery will not be affected by the change.

4.  RATINGS KNOCKDOWN:  This week’s episode of Law and Order SVU turned out to be a lightweight, drawing the smallest audience of any of its regularly scheduled shows.  The show deals with sexually based crimes and cast Mike Tyson, a convicted rapist, in a guest starring role.  The List was the first to tell you about the controversial move that upset rape victim advocates who started an online petition to have Tyson banned from the show. 

5.  ESCAPE GOAT: There was some divine intervention for a runaway goat on the streets of Brooklyn, and it was all caught on tape.  The goat, which was believed to have escaped from a slaughter house led police on a wild chase.  But the billy met his match when a hospital security guard stepped in. 

Amazingly, the guard was a former goat herder from west Africa.  The "go-to" goat guy tried to lasso the creature before grabbing him by the horns for the takedown.  The lucky goat will reportedly be taken to a farm sanctuary in upstate New York.

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