Top of the list: Bob Woodruff discusses North Korea test, and dramatic tornado video

Here’s a look at what people were talking about on February 12, 2013.

1.  STATE OF THE UNION:  Tonight President Obama will take to the podium for the State of the Union address.  He is expected to focus on the economy, and the debate over gun control.  Faces on both sides of the issue will be in the gallery, from rocker Ted Nugent who has been an outspoken opponent of gun restrictions, to victims of gun violence like Gabby Giffords. 

While you’re watching tonight, keep an eye out for the missing cabinet member.  Every year one person has to be in a different location during the address, just in case the unthinkable happens.

2.  EARTHSHAKINGLY SCARY:  North Korea overnight conducting its third nuclear test.  The country says the move was the first response to what it calls "US threats."  North Korea says it will continue with further steps if the so called hostility from Washington continues.  Today’s test is likely to draw UN sanctions.  Several countries are also condemning the action, including China, which is North Korea’s major ally. 

ABC News' Bob Woodruff has been to North Korea four times, The List spoke with him via Skype.  He said China’s response is the most interesting development.

"China is absolutely furious about this happening because they’re the ones saying they’re going to get this under control and even they have been disobeyed," said Woodruff.  

The underground test was the first since Kim Jon Un took power following his father’s death.

3.  SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL:  A man caught dramatic video of the tornado that touched down in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  A hotel worker was in the maintenance shed when he heard the freight train sound so many people talk about, and that’s when he grabbed his camera.  The List talked with Rynal Grant via Skype about the experience. 

"It was a very surreal moment. Just watching it all unfold before me was absolutely amazing and I never want to experience it again," he said.

Dozens were hurt in the tornado, but no deaths have been reported.

4.  VACATION FRUSTRATION:  A cruise ship stranded in the Gulf of Mexico is hoping to make it to Mobile, Alabama by Thursday.  More than 3,000 people are stuck on board with no power and a limited number of bathrooms.  The ship has been working off backup generator power since Sunday when a fire broke out in the engine room.  Another ship met up and shared food and supplies yesterday.  Passengers say they are being fed well, but other conditions are not great.  One woman trapped on the boat said in a phone interview"‘the worst part is the bathrooms.  There’s no water.  You can’t really flush so everyone is going in little plastic baggies and putting it outside their room."  Carnival has canceled the ship’s next two voyages, and passengers on the stranded ship will receive a full refund.

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