Top of the List: Christmas comes to the White House, bad parents and expensive coffee

What’s going on November 29? Here’s what people were talking about:

1) GINGERBREAD: Christmas came to the White House this week as first lady Michelle Obama gave us a glimpse into the spectacular displays set up throughout their home. This included a 300-pound replica of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue made out of gingerbread.

2) NOT QUITE PARENTS OF THE YEAR:  David and Rebecca Detjen were arrested for child endangerment. This was after Indiana police pulled over their moving van to discover five of their seven kids crammed in the back with the family’s possessions. Traveling with the kids were the family’s 18 cats.

Their two other kids were upfront with the parents.

The temperature outside at the time they were pulled over was 32 degrees.  Police say the kids were wearing coats and they had sleeping bags, but they had no way to communicate with their parents in the front of the truck.

David and Rebecca told police they were moving to California, but never explained the "travel arrangements.” The kids, by the way, were all okay.

3) CAFFEINE ALL-TIME HIGH: Powerball winners in Missouri and Arizona would be able to afford the newest cup of joe from Starbucks. Made from a rare Costa Rican bean called Finca Palmalera, it costs $7 for a grande, which if you look it up in your coffee-English dictionary means "medium.”

4) BIDDING FOR BETTY:  Barbara Walters may have struck out, but now's your chance to win a date with America's favorite golden gal Betty White. The 90-year-old animal lover and star of “Hot in Cleveland” is raising money for LA's SPCA.

The bidding starts at $1000. The auction starts December 3 on eBay. The winning bidder gets to bring three friends along for the date at Betty's favorite restaurant.  

5) LIGHTING UP NEW YORK:  There was big surprise for New Yorkers this week. It was an empire-sized light show featuring the iconic Manhattan building's brand new LED tower light display. With 16 million color possibilities, the stage is set for the world biggest rave.  

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