Top of the List: Cosmic crash landing and proposing a prank

Here are the stories at the top of our list for February 15, 2013

1.  COSMIC CRASH LANDING:  A giant meteor streaking across the sky in Russia, and it’s all caught on tape.  The giant 10 ton space rock blew out windows, injured nearly one thousand people and damaged three thousand buildings.  The List talked with Jim O’Leary, Senior Scientist at the Maryland Science Center, he said this kind of thing isn’t all that uncommon. 

"There are meteoroids that are floating through space all over the place and occasionally one of them will hit the earth and that happens believe it or not hundreds of times a day," he said. 

O’Leary went on to add most of these meteoroids are the size of a grain of sugar or a fingernail, and they usually enter the earth in unpopulated areas.  An asteroid is also expected to make its closest recorded pass to the earth at some point today.  It is a completely separate incident and the two are in no way related, just a cosmic coincidence.  No one is in danger from the asteroid.

2.  BLADE RUNNER BREAK DOWN:  Oscar Pistorius heads to court where he is formally charged with murdering his girlfriend.  At one point during the proceedings, the paralympic runner began sobbing, covering his face with his hands.  His girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, was found shot to death inside his home.  A newspaper is reporting there were bullet holes in the bathroom door, and security guards found Pistorius by Steenkamp's body in the bathroom.

3.  NO FUN AT THE CARNIVAL:  They may be on dry land but the nightmare is far from over for thousands of cruise ship passengers.  Some spent as long as eight hours on a bus traveling to various airports, before getting to their final destination which in some cases took hours longer.  All of that after being stranded at sea with no power or working sewage system for days.  Misty Brumm was on board; The List has been following her ordeal for the last few days. 

On the phone today, Brumm said the ship "smelled like you were inside a sewage plant."

She told us she stayed on her balcony to try to get into the fresh air.  Many of the passengers are talking about suing, but there is some question of whether that can happen because of waivers they signed before boarding the ship.  Brunn says it’s hard to put a price on their experience.

"I can’t really put a price tag on what would be enough compensation, I know that $500 isn’t enough," said Brumm.

Carnival CEO, Gerry Cahill apologized to passengers by way of the PA system on the boat, and Brumm caught it on tape.  Cahill said ‘we know that when you came with Carnival you expected to have a great vacation, and that’s not what we delivered here, we know we can’t change that but I want to personally say how sorry we are’, Cahill went on to praise the staff, which drew an eruption of cheers from the passengers. 

4.  PROPOSING A PRANK:  What looks like a proposal ends up catching crowds by surprise. A couple hit the street with a ring, bundle of flowers, and a video camera.  In traditional public proposal fashion, the man goes down on bended knee and professes his love asking the woman to marry him.  She throws the flowers to the ground and runs off to a dismayed crowd.  The couple performed the joke several times, each one to a shocked crowd.

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