Top of the List: Countdown to the coin toss and murder madness

Here were the stories people are talking about on Friday, February 01, 2013.

1. COUNTDOWN TO THE COIN TOSS:  We’re less than 48 hours away from the Super Bowl and New Orleans is the epicenter of the football and entertainment world.  Robin Roberts will be back at Good Morning America any day, but for now she’s in her hometown, where she was greeted by students from her alma mater, Southeastern Louisiana University.  
Meanwhile, Beyonce is practicing for her non-lip synced half time performance, proving it yesterday by singing an a capella version of the national anthem at a news conference.  But she isn’t the only act in town, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Hudson, Cee Lo Green, and Stevie Wonder are all bringing sweet music to New Orleans this week.  
We all know celebs can rock a red carpet, but can they pick a Super Bowl champ?  Scripps Howard News Service says "yes."  It has been polling celebrities in the sports, entertainment and political world on the big game since 1986.  The celebrity consensus has been correct 18 out of 26 times.  Carolyn Cerbin, with Scripps Howard News Service said the most unlikely person to respond was none other than Maya Angelou.  
"I mean, she’s a poet and she’s so cerebral and she’s participated in our poll for years.  I think this year was probably a favorite for her because she was able to bring a little literature to the party when she was mentioning Edgar Allen Poe’s 'The Raven'," said Cerbin. 
The group as a whole chose the 49ers.  The individual star who comes closest to the final score and correctly picks the winner will be crowned this year’s Super Sage.
2. MURDER MADNESS: The murder trial of 32-year-old Jodi Arias is grabbing the attention of the nation.  Arias is accused of shooting and stabbing Travis Alexander in 2008.
The on again off again couple was in a physical relationship at the time.  Police found Arias’ palm print and hair at the crime scene along with explicit time stamped photos of the pair from the day of the murder.  Arias first told police she knew nothing about Alexander’s death, then blamed it on masked intruders, before finally settling on self defense.  
But legal commentator Nancy Grace says not so fast. She has received information that Arias wanted to plead guilty to second degree murder but changed her plea after the state rejected the offer.  Grace went on to say "self defense is a complete plea. You can’t want to plead guilty to murder and act in self defense."  The trial resumes on Monday.
3. FLU HULLABALOO:  The company that makes Theraflu and Triaminic cough and cold syrups is recalling both products because the childproof caps don’t work and kids have been opening them.  
And is there a sneezer in your office?  You better stay a few arms lengths away, because a new study shows the flu virus travels up to 6 feet.  Finally another way social media can go viral, researchers at John’s Hopkins are using twitter to track the flu’s spread, reading tweets to see when the bug will peak and ebb.
4. CAFFEINE COUNSELING:  Energy drinks are bad for teens, according to a study in the journal Pediatrics in Review.  Researchers found drinking a lot of caffeine can cause insomnia, anxiety, elevated blood pressure and digestive problems.  Mixing caffeine with alcohol can intensify the effects. According to the research, drinking a can of a caffeinated alcoholic beverage could be equivalent to drinking a bottle of wine and a few cups of coffee.  The study goes on to ask doctors to talk about energy drink use with their patients and offer ‘caffeine counseling’ if needed.
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