Top of the List: Creditor predators and basketball goes batty

It’s Monday, January 28, 2013 and here are the stories people are talking about.

1.  SHOCKING NEW NEWS ON A SHOCKING OLD STORY:  It’s a murder case that is 16 years old, but the twists continue.  Word today that JonBenet Ramsey’s parents were indicted by a grand jury back in 1999.  Three years earlier, the six-year-old beauty pageant contestant was found dead in her parent’s basement just hours after she was reported missing.  

HLN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell has covered the case, we talked with her about today’s developments.  Velez-Mitchell said the prosecutors were under tremendous pressure to find the killer.

"But ultimately it was a very good thing that they didn’t move forward and really bring JonBenet’s parents or brother to justice because ultimately about 5 years ago new technology revealed unexplained third party DNA in the child’s undergarments," said Velez-Mitchell.  

The parents were officially cleared, but the case remains open.  When we asked Velez-Mitchell if she thinks this case will ever be solved, she said "DNA is fascinating technology and ultimately investigators hope that one day down the line they do match this unexplained third party DNA to someone in the DNA database that keeps growing." 

2.  ONE STEP CLOSER TO IMMIGRATION REFORM:  A bipartisan group of eight U.S. Senators has agreed to sweeping changes that include securing the border and creating a path to citizenship for those currently in this country. 

The Senators also want to reform the legal immigration system by giving green cards to immigrants who are getting advanced degrees in American schools.  Another key component is creating an effective work verification system so that employers do not hire illegal immigrants, and allowing more low skilled workers into the country when U.S. citizens can’t be found to fill the spots.  President Obama is expected to lay out his vision in Nevada tomorrow.

3.  CREDITOR PREDATORS:  Retailers now have the option of tacking on a "checkout" fee that could be as much as 3 percent of the purchase on credit transactions.  Ultimately it’s up to the individual retailer, but The List’s Conor Knighton believes most retailers will opt out of the charges.  If you make a purchase that has a fee attached, and end up returning the item a prorated fee could also be returned.

4.  THE SAG AWARDS:  Ben Affleck’s "Argo" took home only one award at last night’s 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, but it was a doozy.  The film won for best performance by a cast in a motion picture, solidifying its status as an Oscar front runner. 

"Lincoln" took home two awards, Daniel Day Lewis won for Outstanding Male Lead, while Tommy Lee Jones took home the trophy for best Supporting Male.  Jennifer Lawrence followed up her Golden Globe win with the award for Outstanding Female Lead for her role in the "Silver Linings Playbook."

5.  BASKETBALL GETS BATTY:  People think of baseball bats, but it was a different kind of bat that stole the show at the Marquette Providence basketball game over the weekend.  Players, fans and announcers took cover to protect themselves, even tossing towels at the creature to ward him off.  The bat now has a twitter account; you can follow him at @bradleycntrbat. 

At the Miami Heat game, LeBron James went batty after a fan hit a shot from half court.  Fifty-year-old Michael Drysch took home $75,000 for making the shot, and he got a big hug from James.  Priceless.

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