Top of the List: Dolphins that bite, fighting in the womb and a royal baby on the way

It’s Monday December 3 and these were the headlines people were talking about:

1) HALFTIME SHOW: NBC sportscaster Bob Costas set off a social media storm at Sunday's game between the Eagles and Cowboys. The marquee event was football's first primetime game following murder-suicide of Kansas City Chief Jovan Belcher and his 22-year-old girlfriend.

Tri-tone network's broadcast to millions of people became a platform for Costas' passionate take on the tragedy, his view on guns and how he agrees with Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock.

Whitlock had written that if Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gym, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.

2) DON’T FEED THE INTELLIGENT MAMMALS:  We've all read the “don’t feed the animals” signs, but one 8-year-old visiting SeaWorld somehow didn't get the message. Jillian Thomas was feeding the dolphins when one leaped up and bit her hand. The scary moment of Jillian breaking the rules was caught on tape by her own parents.

San Diego park guests are warned explicitly not to remove Flippers' food trays from the side of pool, but little Jillian did just that.  She is okay, but probably won't be feeding any more dolphins in her near future.

3) WOMB-FIGHTING: For the first time ever, a "fetal feud" was caught on a sonogram. A new cinematic MRI showed twins in womb duking it out,  Doctors say in-utero horseplay is perfectly normal, but never-before-seen in such rock'em sock'em robot-vivid detail.

International Science Times says the new and improved baby MRI could change the way doctors diagnose kids of the future.

4) TRAFFIC DEF JAM:   If you thought your commute was bad, you need to check out Russia.  Over the weekend, they had a 125-mile traffic jam. Approximately, 4,000 trucks were at a standstill on a road between Moscow and St. Petersburg --  for three days!

An unexpected snowfall was to blame and road workers were at a loss as to what to do. Monday morning, the last of the trucks finally cleared out.  

5) ROYAL RUG RAT: Buckingham Palace announced Monday that Prince William and Kate are expecting. The duchess is in the hospital right now with acute morning sickness. This is surely biggest story to hit Britain since couple's wedding in 2011.

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