Top of the List: Eagle video a hoax, U.S. storms and UPS delivering more packages

It’s the day before the Mayan’s supposed doomsday.  Here were the headlines people were talking about.

1) STORMY WEATHER: Old man winter smacked his cane right into Kansas and set off a blizzard.  Already they have a foot of snow on the ground. And the storm is still going and heading straight for Ohio. Denver also saw its first snowfall of the year.

Other storms hit different states.  In Mobile, Alabama, a possible tornado peeled roofs off of buildings and overturned a semi. In Baltimore, it was rain that had people scrambling as they braced for power outages and flooding.

2) RECORDS BROKEN: The men and women of UPS will deliver 28 million packages on Thursday.  This is the most ever!  It works out to about 300 packages every second.  The record shattering number is due to online shopping.  Friday is the deadline to make sure your bundles reach their destinations in time for Christmas.

3) DOOMSDAY DRUM ROLL: NASA has been inundated with calls from people worried about doomsday on December 21.  They say we don’t need to worry about asteroids.

4) KETCHUP, LETTUCE AND PAPER:   You won’t need to tear into that wrapper to get to your burger anymore.  A Brazilian fast food chain has created an edible wrapper. Bob's Burger is not giving out information on what the wrapper is made of or how it tastes.

5) FOWL CALL: That now famous video of an eagle appearing to snatch a baby in its talons is officially a hoax. The viral video was produced by students from a 3D animation school in Canada as their final project.  Both the eagle and baby were computer generated.

And now you are caught up and clued in on the Top of the List.



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