Top of the List: Election Eve, gas woes and Sharon Osbourne


Here’s what is making the top of our list for November 5.

1) ELECTION EVE: Have you voted? Over a third of the country has, but some people had problems doing so.  In Doral, Florida, voters were happy the Elections Department opened its doors early Sunday, but then they slammed them shut them two hours later – with more than 200 people left standing in line.

The mayor said he hadn't authorized the extra hours.

2) SUPERSTORM RELIEF: Money and manpower are now flooding into void left by Hurricane Sandy. Marathoners who were planning on running into disaster stricken areas from Jersey Shore to Staten Island, pitched in after their race of a lifetime was canceled. TV networks were doing their part as well, NBC raised $23 million in a telethon Friday and ABC raised cash for the cause all day Monday.

3) PANDEMONIUM AT THE PUMP:  The good news is gas prices tumbled 8 cents around the country, but the bad news is the drop's done nothing to ease tempers on the east coast. Everywhere you looked, the  lines stretched for miles as drivers waited hours for a few precious gallons.

4) SHARON OSBOURNE: Sharon Osbourne revealed she's had a voluntary double mastectomy after learning last summer she had the breast cancer gene.

5) 93 IS THE NEW 70: Dr. Charles Eugster proved you're never too old to try something new. He took up bodybuilding at age 87, with one very lofty goal: to turn the heads of the sexy 70-year-old girls on the beach.

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