Top of the List: Fiscal cliffhanger, doggy driver ed and pot in Seattle

On December 6, these were the headlines people were talking about.

1) FISCAL CLIFFHANGER: The end-of-year deadline is looming. So far there has not been an agreement on tax hikes and spending cuts as the nation sits like a pawn in bi-partisan swagger-game. Both President Obama's and house majority leader John Boehner's proposals are on the table. They are still hammering away at a deal and each other. Alan Simpson offered his own fiscal exhortation.

“Think of the economy as the car and the rich man as the driver. If you don't give the driver all of the money, he will drive you over the cliff. It's just common sense,” Simpson said.

2) CANNABIS CONUNDRUM: Dozens of happy Seattlites gathered under the Space Needle at midnight to ring in their new marijuana law. Recreational pot smoking is now legal in Washington State. The new law lets you possess an ounce, but growing and selling it still a crime. And it's against Federal law to smoke it.

3) DOGGY DRIVER ED: Animal trainers in New Zealand are teaching dogs to drive cars, instead of chase them. Three hand-eye coordinated canines have learned how to start their engines, and then drive them down a track. The idea is to show people all the great things rescue dogs are capable of doing.

4) EAU DE ANCHOVY: Some lucky Pizza Hut fans are about to get a really cool stocking stuffer. It’s pizza perfume! The popular pizza-maker actually had a couple hundred bottles of the unisex stuff whipped up with "top notes of freshly baked pizza dough."

5) BIEBER MUTED:  The Grammy nominations are out -- and so is Justin Bieber. The pop star was snubbed with zero nominations. Who did get nominated? Break out band "Fun" grabbed the Album of the Year nod. They were joined by six-time nominee Frank Ocean, Mumford and Sons, Black Keys and Jack White.

The Grammies will be February 10 in Los Angeles.

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