Top of the List: Flu bug, deer on ice, Ambien for women and missing boy found

On January 11, these were the headlines everyone was talking about:

1) GOT FLU?: It’s been an uphill battle against the flu as much of the country is in misery. Doctors' offices and hospitals are running low on vaccines and are struggling to keep up with the demand. Across the country, hundreds of students are out sick as cleaning crews use powerful disinfectants to try to stop the spread. Just outside Tulsa, Oklahoma, one district canceled classes after 25 percent of its students called out sick.

It may be a shot in the arm for vaccine manufacturers, but the Center for Disease Control says when flu season is over, the cost to businesses will be $10.5 billion. And that does not include sick pay and lost productivity.

Your best bet to prevent the flu: get vaccinated.

2) WRINKLE IN TIME: Richard Landers vanished when he was just 5 years old. Now, 19 years later, police know what happened to him. It turns out in 1994, Landers was kidnapped from a courthouse by his paternal grandparents. They were angry about a custody issue. His photo was placed on missing children's websites. Then late last year police finally caught a break in the case.

“A young man living in the state of Minnesota was actually using the social security number. But what was really interesting was that, doing further checking on who this person was, he had the same exact date of birth as the boy who was listed as missing back in 1994,” said police.

Landers is now 24, married and expecting his first child. The statute of limitations has run out so his grandparents cannot be charged.

3) AMBIEN ZOMBIES:  The firefighters from "Rescue Me" know the bad effects of Ambien. Now the FDA wants the sleeping pill pusher to lower the dose for women by half. The label is clear and states you get 8 hours of sleep, but some studies show even after 8 hours, the level of the drug in their system is still high enough to cause impairment.

If you take Ambien talk to your doctor.

4) SPIDERMAN: Spiderman swung into action at a Saint Petersburg, Florida children's hospital. After cleaning the windows, and hopefully getting all the cobwebs, he entertained the patients in the pediatric unit. He’s superhero with a super big heart.

5)  DEER ME: A fawn trapped in icy water was unable to get her little wobbly legs to work. A certified ice rescuer, yup that's his official title, tried to shoo the bambino Bambi off the ice. To add to the drama, a coyote suddenly appeared but quickly left. Finally, they tossed a lasso. It took a couple of tries, but they finally were able to get it over the deer’s antlers. The deer made it to safety and all is well.

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