Top of the List: Flu goes viral, Target takes on Amazon, no more social security checks & $2k meal

On January 9, these were the stories people were talking about.

1) FLU GOES VIRAL: Hospitals around the country are overrun with flu patients. In Chicago, hospitals were forced to turn some away.  At its busiest, they had 50 patients a day looking for help.

Hospitals around the country are taking extra precautions. In Ohio, those with the flu have to wear a mask, and in Philly, the ER is so busy that triage tents are set up to deal with patients who have mild symptoms.

Restaurants wary about the flu as well. If you plan to eat out, you'll want to avoid some foods that can carry the virus like lettuce, fresh fruits and shellfish.

2) FERRY TERROR: A ferry in New York City crashed into a pier in Lower Manhattan. It ripped a hole in the front of the ship. At least 57 people hurt. There were 340 people on the boat that was arriving from New Jersey and getting ready to dock.

Passengers say people were tumbling onto each other.

“It's kind of like we were in a car crash. We hadn't hit the dock yet so it seemed like no one was really sure what we had hit. It didn't feel like anything that had ever happened before on the boat. It didn't feel like a mechanical failure or a light tap. It was definitely a hard crash,” said one passenger.

3) BATTLE OF THE BARGAINS:  Target is taking aim at Amazon by price matching. Amazon benefits from a consumer practice called "showrooming" where you go to a store, find what you want, then go home, find it for less online and buy it.

Now you can show the Amazon deal to the Target cashier and save, save, save.

Target says their it's brick-and-mortar stores will also match the prices on  

4) SOCIAL SECURITY GETS WIRED; Starting in March, the only way to get your social security money is by direct deposit.  So you may want to hurry up and convince your parents or grandparents that the computer isn't just some scary science fiction thing designed to steal their money. 

Since 2011, only new recipients have had to do direct deposit but now everyone will get their money sent directly to their bank account.  This will save Uncle Sam about $4 million a month in printing and stamps.

5) SODA SADNESS: You may want to ease up on the diet soda. The National Institute of Health researchers discovered people who drank more than four cans of diet soda a day have a 30 percent greater risk of depression, not to mention bloating, gas and burping.

The study doesn't explain how a low-calorie drink can give you a heavy heart. 

PASTA PRIMA DONNA: New York Italian restaurant "Bice" is serving up a $2,000 dish. It's handmade pasta topped with 2 pounds of lobster and shaved black truffles. You do get to keep the plate designed by the late Gianni Versace. Only 50 of these special dinners are available. So far only five people have ordered the pricey dish.


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