Top of the LIst: Furniture store gives away free furniture after losing bet, and cutest game ever

Here were the stories people are talking about on February 4, 2013.

1. SUPER HANGOVER:  As the Baltimore Ravens swagger and the San Francisco 49ers hobble home, we once again say adios to the pigskin until fall.  The Super Bowl did not disappoint, electricity on the field, and problems with it too, and the highest overnight ratings in the games 47 year history.  
Beyonce lived up to her promise to sing live, and blew the roof off the joint.  She was even briefly joined by her former Destiny’s Child bandmates.  The 12 minute half time performance drew 5.5 million tweets including one from the First Lady.  In it Michelle Obama wrote ‘Watching the #Superbowl with family and friends @Beyonce was phenomenal!  I am so proud of her! –mo’.  
When the lights went out during a 30 minute power outage twitter lit up and quick thinking advertisers took advantage of the captive audience.  Oreo offered up a tweet with a photo captioned with "you can still dunk in the dark," and Tide sent a photo saying "we can’t get your blackout but we can get your stain out."  
There were many highlights during the game but one in particular has a Baltimore furniture store buzzing.  Ravens receiver Jacoby Jones electrified the crowd by running back the second half kickoff for a 108 yard touchdown.  That record setting run means Gardiner’s Furniture is making good on its promise to give out free furniture to anyone who purchased an item between January 31 and 3 p.m. on game day.
2. STRANGER DANGER:  Nearly a third of teen girls say they have met up with people they contacted online.  The years worth of research tracked online and offline activity of more than 250 girls aged 14 to 17.  Researchers said the majority of online meetings are harmless, however girls with a history of neglect or abuse were more likely to present themselves in a provocative way which increased chances of dangerous encounters.  The study is published in the February issue of the journal Pediatrics, and was supported by a grant from the National Institutes of Health.
3. KATIE TALKS TE’O TO THE LIST:  Manti Te’O knows the meaning of stranger danger after his fake online girlfriend became national news.  The Notre Dame linebacker was the victim of an online hoax.  Te’O dedicated his record season to his girlfriend who died of leukemia, it later came out she never existed.
Katie Couric was the first to interview Te’O and The List’s Matt Gallant sat down with her in Los Angeles to get her take on Te’Os story.  When asked if he was truly innocent Couric said "I don’t think he concocted the hoax at all. I don’t think he was saying, 'Hey let’s figure out a way to elevate my status in college football.'  But I do think once he realized it didn’t hold water, he probably didn’t come forward fast enough and that is what he’s guilty of, not being in on this any way shape or form.'
4. THE DREADED FLU-LIST:  Your daily update on the spread of the flu.  The Centers for Disease Control says the flu may be slowing in the east, but those in the west may still be in for more.  A University of Arizona study shows infected workers can germ up more than half of the communal areas before lunch.  The list of most contaminated areas includes desks, keyboards, phones, water fountains and the microwave.  For those of you committed to germ dodging in the office, you may want to invest in a bubble desk.  The French designed office product protects you from co-workers sneezes and office gossip.  Although if you get one of these they will likely be talking about you.
5. PUPPY BOWL:  It’s billed as the ruffest game on four legs, we think it’s the cutest football game ever!  Animal Planet’s 9th annual puppy bowl had athleticism, fluffiness and unbroken power.  In the game, puppies take to a football field and play with chew toys until one crosses into the end zone.  The game wouldn’t be complete without an MVP and this year the honor went to Marta, a Schnauzer/Beagle, who out muscled puppies twice her size.  All 63 puppies who participate are from shelters across the country, and all have been adopted. 
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