Top of the List: General admission, world record triplets and no more Twinkies?


Making our list for the top stories of the day are:

GENERAL ADMISSION:  Forget the soaps, on November 16, daytime drama came from ex CIA Chief David Patraeus who was on the congressional hotseat over Benghazi.  He had to face old guard friends like House Representative Peter King for the first time since the sex scandal bomb exploded over Washington.  Can you say, awkward?

THREE FOR ALL:  What do 7 pound, 8 ounce Sidney, 7 pound  3 ounce Elliot,  and  5 pound 5 ounce Jenson all have in common? One woman just gave birth to all three.  That's right, The twenty pounds of baby were naturally conceived and delivered by Brittany Deen, with the help of her husband Jason. 

The threesome grabs the Guinness World Record for the heaviest total weight for triplets.  

NEW SPIN ON LIFE: Lauren Scruggs and her parents were on NBC's "Today" talking about the horrific accident that happened last year and changed her life. Lauren was hit by an airplane propeller.  It gave her a brain injury, tore her eye, and took off her left arm -- but it didn't break her spirit.

She wrote about her experience in the new book "Still Lolo."

DEEP FRYDAY: Ho-Ho makers have been on strike since last week, but Hostess bosses are playing hardball.  They asked courts to shut down and sell off the snack food favorites including Twinkies, Ding-Dong's, Ho-Ho's, and All-American Wonderbread.

The pressure tactic could leave 18,000 people jobless and millions more craving the sweet guilty pleasures.

COCKTAIL CRULLERS: "Delightful Pastries" in Chicago is now dosing their donuts with alcohol.   These tastebud-busters  are a combination of dough, grease, and booze to make you giddy, fatty and happy all in one deep-fried shot!   The adults-only treats come in 3 flavors: custard vodka, chocolate Godiva liqueur, and passion fruit with Grand Marnier jelly.

PINK, ORANGE AND EMERALD CITY: Queen Anne Hill which is located northwest of downtown Seattle was a heavenly sight after a billowy blanket of fog rolled off Puget Sound and spiraled around the iconic space needle.

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