Top of the list: Harlem shake up, and two sets of identical twins on the same day

Here are the stories people were talking about on February 19, 2013.

1.  HARLEM SHAKE UP:  A high school hockey team in New York jumped on the viral video bandwagon and their racy locker room version got them kicked out of the playoffs. 

School administrators were none too pleased with the team’s take on the trend, pulling the team from their first round game.  One of the players tweeted "we were forfeited from playoffs for a borderline inappropriate video in the locker room of Harlem Shake."  Some of the parents believe the punishment was too harsh, and have emailed protest letters to the school saying the video is protected by the Constitution.

2.  IT WAS A MISTAKE:  Those are the words from paralympic runner Oscar Pistorius as he returned to court on Tuesday for a bail hearing.  His attorney read a sworn written statement from the double amputee maintaining his innocence.  Prosecutors called the shooting death of Pistorius’ girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, premeditated murder.  Pistorius said he thought she was a robber when he fired four shots through the bathroom door. 

Noted New York criminal defense attorney Paul Batista said culture could play into this case.  The richer neighborhoods in South Africa are heavily guarded and security is extremely high.

"If he has a jury of people who are not as wealthy so to speak, those defenses and the cultural atmosphere may not help him a great deal," said Batista.  

If convicted Pistorius could spend the rest of his life in prison.

3.  LUCY IN THE SKY WITHOUT HER DIAMONDS:  Like a scene out of a movie, eight masked gunmen stormed an airport tarmac in Brussels, stealing $50 million worth of diamonds off a plane.  The group of thieves passed themselves off as police officers, driving cars with flashing blue lights.  None of the passengers on board were aware of the drama as it was happening.  The crooks managed to do it all in five minutes without firing a single shot.  The shipment of rough and polished stones was headed to Switzerland.

4.  ROYAL BABY BUMP:  Kate Middleton showed off her growing baby bump for the first time since announcing her pregnancy.  The Duchess of Cambridge stepped out in a Max Mara wrap dress at a scheduled appearance at London’s Hope House.  She did a good job of camouflaging with the pattern, and even her hands.  In many of the photos she can be seen covering the bump for the cameras.

5.  DOUBLE TROUBLE OR TWICE THE FUN?  A Texas couple has welcomed two sets of identical twins, on the same day!  Chances of that happening without fertility drugs is one in 70 million.  The parents named them in alphabetical order with a Vegas theme and with those odds why not?  Ace, Blaine, Cash and Dylan also have an older brother named Memphis. 

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