Top of the List: Lance tells all, family tragedy and pooch-poo fine

On January 15, these were the stories that were creating buzz.

1) A BIG DOPE: Lance Armstrong broke his silence. His decade long denial of doping allegations has finally come to an end. During a 2.5 hour interview with Oprah Winfrey at an Austin hotel, the 7 time Tour de France winner confessed to using banned substances.

Oprah says she had 112 questions to ask. She didn't get to all of them but many were answered.

“He did not come clean in the manner I expected. It was surprising to me. I would say that for myself. my team, and all of us in the room, we were all mesmerized and riveted by some of his answers,” Oprah said.

The interview was set to run on Thursday on the Oprah Winfrey network. but it will now air over two nights because of the amount of material. 

2) TRAGEDY IN THE MIDWEST: What started as a surprise trip to celebrate a 14th wedding anniversary turned into heartbreak. A father and his two young sons set out on a hike in Missouri on Saturday with their new puppy by their side. The group went to explore the Ozark trail, leaving his wife and other three children at the resort where they were staying.

 When temperatures dropped and they didn’t return, they sent out a search team. Rescuers found all three on the trail. None survived except the family's 4-month-old Labrador puppy who remained by their side.

Apparently they missed a turn that would have gotten them back to the resort.

3) CRAZY COINCIDENCE OR SPECIAL EFFECTS:  A guy was recording a high speed chase on his TV when suddenly the situation becomes real – right outside his window. Skeptics point out that the car headlights are on, on the TV version, but off when the car passes the window. They also say the car is going straight in the video but turning outside the window

Believers explain the differences by the slight delay between live action and broadcast.

4) COKE VS PUFFY: Coca-Cola is taking the calorie war to TV with a new message encouraging Americans to take on the "complex challenge of obesity."

Soft drinks have been under attack for years, with studies showing they're the number one source of calories in our diet.  Coke says it is offering smaller portion sizes and selling mostly water and low calorie choices in schools.

5) HERE’S THE SCOOP – USE IT:  Dog owners beware.  If you don't clean up after Fido you could be collared.  An Orlando condo complex is taking DNA samples from dogs and testing it against pooch-poo that owners haven't picked up.

Violators could face a $100 fine and possible humiliation on the show "Cold Case." 

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