Top of the List: McDreamy coffee, meggings, Superstorm pets and Malala goes home

It’s January 4 and these were the headlines people were talking about.

1) FLU FOR ALL: Flu season is off to a feverish start. In fact, it’s start is the earliest in a decade, says the CDC. In Arizona, there were just 18 cases at this same time last year, but in 2013 there are already 790. But the worst outbreak is on the eastern seaboard and in the midwest.

There is no sure  way to prevent it, but doctors recommend the flu shot. Also don't let your nasal passages get dry. The flu doesn't survive long in dampness.  To do this, try rubbing a little petroleum jelly in and around your nose.

2) HOMECOMING: Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teen who was shot over her anti-Taliban blog, is out of the hospital and heading to her temporary home in England. The 15-year-old will have cranial facial surgery next month.

Malala was shot outside her school in October. She was targeted by Taliban gunmen because of her crusade for girls' education.

3) FLUFFY REUNION: Hurricane Sandy didn't just destroy homes; it also separated pets from their families. So far the ASPCA has helped more than 200 owners reunite with their four legged kids.

The organization has been caring for them while owners got back on their feet. They say more than 100 pets have yet to be claimed. The temporary shelter is closing this weekend. The good news is that any pets who aren't reunited with their owners will be put up for adoption.

4) MEGGINGS: There's a new style apocalypse in clothing stores and it's called meggings. It’s exactly what it sounds like: leggings for men. Experts suggest pairing them with a shirt that comes down to mid thigh.

5) MCDREAMY COFFEE: Actor Patrick Dempsey is making a move to buy bankrupt Seattle-based coffee chain Tully's. Dempsey stars on Grey's Anatomy as neurosurgeon Derek Shepherd, but he's not content to just save lives on TV. Now he's looking to save jobs too.

“You're looking at an economy that's rough to get jobs. I went by one of the stores yesterday and the employees are deeply concerned. That's one thing we care deeply about," Dempsey said.

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