Top of the List: Mighty mouse takes on the mall and snowboarding toddler

Here are the stories people were talking about on February 26, 2013.

1.  THE MOUSE IS MIGHTIER THAN THE MALL:  The ease of clicking your way to a new purchase is gaining momentum.  According to a new survey, people prefer "click and order" to "brick and mortar."   More and more consumers are choosing to shop online instead of in stores and by a wide margin. 

The trend doesn’t just apply to products; financial services also saw a rise, but activity on travel sites is mixed.  Susan Meshkow, Scottsdale Community College Business Faculty, says the trend isn’t going away.  Meshkow went on to say "it’s a 24 hour 7 day type of business that somebody can be at home at work on their smart phone and see what choices are out there and make their purchases."  

With retailers offering free shipping, only more people are going to click their way to purchases.  Retailers are taking notice. You no longer have to scour through racks of clothing at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. They just announced plans to enter the online shopping world.

2.  COPS IN YOUR LAPTOPS:  If you’ve been illegally sharing files online you could be getting a notice from the internet police.  Well, actually it’s the copyright alert system, a group organized by the recording and film industry.  Notifications will start going out this week, and they will come from your internet service provider.  You’ll get six warnings before the punishments kick in; and those punishments are slowing your connection or redirecting your service until you acknowledge you received the notice. 

Ken Moskowitz, Data Doctors, says parents should look for one key word on their computers if they are concerned their children are downloading illegal files. 

"If you see the word torrent on your computer you need to delete those files, those are files that are illegally copied and shared across networks," said Moskowitz.

 You can find them through the ‘finder’ application on a Mac or the search function on a PC.

3.  MEDITERRANEAN MELTDOWN:  New studies of the Mediterranean diet show those who eat it have a 30 percent lower risk of cardiovascular problems compared to people eating a low fat diet.  The diet is full of fruit, fish, chicken, beans, tomato sauce and wine. 

It’s a lifestyle change restaurant owner George Shankool knows well.  Shankool owns Saba’s Mediterranean Cuisine, and lost 100 pounds on this diet. 

"We’re seeing our culture and our people failing at their diets now, obviously we’re doing something wrong.  Why not go back to thousands of years ago to what worked?" he said. 

Getting healthier recipes is now easier than ever thanks to First Lady Michelle Obama.  She is working with five media companies and the social media site Pinterest to share more than 3,000 dishes that meet nutritional guidelines.

4.  WINTER IN ONSIES:  A major snowstorm is making its way across the country, and it may be a chance to get your toddler out snowboarding.  Yes, we said toddler and snowboarding.  Eden Graces turns 2 next month and has been hitting the slopes with her mom since she was 6-weeks old.  Eden has a 5-week old sister and her parents plan to get her on the slopes soon.

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