Top of the List: More women in Congress, new Starbucks cup and Robin Roberts back with pup

On January 3, these were the headlines people were talking about.

1) WOMAN POWER: The 113th Congress was sworn in Thursday has a record number of women in charge. Twenty women will take the helm in the Senate and 80 women in the House. In an exclusive interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer, the women say the biggest difference between themselves and their male counterparts is how they lead.

The first order of business for the new Congress will be approving a $9 billion bill to get aid to Superstorm Sandy victims. The previous Congress didn't vote on the bill, drawing fury from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

2) FRESH START: It’s the first day back at school for the Sandy Hook Elementary students. The kids are now in a nearby middle school to ease the transition. Their old cubbies, toys and desks were brought over, and their former principal has come out of retirement to lead them.

“All of our desks are there. Nut my desk, I noticed that someone was in it, and cleaned it and made it neater. My desk is usually very messy,” said one little boy.

Counselors were on hand and parents were allowed to spend the day at the school as well.

3) PUPPY LOVE: Thursday marks a huge milestone for GMA anchor Robin Roberts. It’s been 100 days since she underwent a bone marrow transplant, and Robin has finally been able to reunite with her dog KJ.

Roberts had a rare blood disorder and received the transplant from her sister. Roberts is expected to return to GMA mid-year.

4) WHAT THE CUP: Starbucks new idea to save the planet is a re-usable plastic cup. The cups are in stores now and cost just a dollar. The cup can be used over and over, just like a real cup and you get a 10 cent discount on your drinks when you do.

The store has offered discounts on reusable cups for a while, but they hope the low cost of this sporty chalice will inspire people to get green with their caffeine.  

5) GA GA ROOMBA: We've all seen YouTube videos of cats riding the robotic vacuum. Why not let your baby in on the fun? Jon and Liz Reberry made a 21st century version of the sit and spin toy for their little girl Aria.



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