Top of the List: Obesity rate down, Barbara's top 10 list, and final 4 on 'The Voice'

On December 11, there were the stories people were discussing:

1) OBESITY RATE:  For first time in 30 years, childhood obesity rates are down. Researchers say the drop is small but it is a significant reversal. There are a couple of reasons for the lost pounds and these include the growing  number of sugar and lard-laden vending machines that are now banned in schools, and lunch ladies swapping deep fat fryers for salad bars.

Big cities are seeing the most robust drops. In New York, there was nearly a 6 percent decline, and in Philadelphia the decline was 5 percent.

2) BAD CALL: Brandon Jacobs, the 49ers running back, was suspended for the rest of the regular season for tweeting. Jacobs left the Giants, and apparently was not happy on his new team. Then he decided to tweet about it for all the world and the 49ers management to see.

3) BARBARA’S MOST BEWITCHING: Barbara Walters’ top 10 most fascinating people of the year will be revealed on Tuesday night.  She teased us with a couple of the names on her list including One Direction, Ben Affleck and gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas.

Her past choices have ranged from Nelson Mandela to Paris Hilton.

4) BETTER TO GIVE THAN RECEIVE:  In Oklahoma, 8-year-old Chase Brancum decided to turn his birthday bash into a toy drive. All 100 party-goers brought gifts that will go to about 200 needy kids.  His mom says the giveaway was all Chase's idea.

5) VOICE-OFF: “The Voice” final four faced off Monday night in what fans are saying will be one excruciating elimination after another. The final three will be announced Tuesday night.

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