Top of the List: Oscar meeting of a lifetime, and driving Miss Danica

Here are the stories people were talking about on February 25, 2013.

1.  THAT’S A WRAP!  The 85th Annual Academy Awards are officially over and there were no surprises in the big categories.  Jennifer Lawrence took home the gold statue for Best Actress, Daniel Day Lewis was honored for Best Actor, and "Argo" won Best Picture. 

WEB EXTRA: Superfans at The Oscars

Six film students were front and center for all the action, after winning a contest rewarding creative filmmakers.  The List talked with AJ Young via Skype. He helped hand out statues and got the meeting of a lifetime.  The students were backstage after Affleck’s win and congratulated him, that’s when Affleck came over to them.

"He started bro hugging and saying you guys are the future, you know, if they knock you down keep going," said Young. "Ben really knows how to bro hug too!" 

2.  OSCAR RATINGS GOLD:  We’re not sure about Seth MacFarlane’s bro hugs but his hosting skills seem to be doing pretty well.  The first time MC’s performance is drawing mostly praise, and the ratings showed it.  This year’s awards drew the highest numbers since 2007 when Ellen DeGeneres hosted, despite some controversial humor. 

The tweets were flying after Renee Zelwegger’s appearance during the awards.  Comedian Kathy Griffin wrote "RENEE!  FOCUS GURL you’re on TV!"

3.  PAPAL PROCESS:  Another historic move from Pope Benedict, this one to expedite the process of finding his replacement.  The Pontiff signed a legal document changing the rules of the conclave which will determine his successor.  Typically, Cardinals meet fifteen days after the end of a Pope’s reign.  With Holy Week beginning on March 24, the deadline would be tight to name a new Pontiff.

4.  DRIVING MISS DANICA:  Danica Patrick didn’t win her history making race, but she did break another record in the Daytona 500.  Patrick kept pace with the field of racers, staying in the top ten making her the first woman to lead laps in that race.  She was also the first woman to ever start a Sprint cup race from the pole.  Jimmy Johnson took the top spot, Patrick finished eighth. 

The List talked with radio host and race car driver Bruce St. James about Patrick’s performance.  St. James said she deserved credit for a strong finish.

"She did a decent job although it was a pretty uneventful race.  There wasn’t a lot of racing going on there was a lot of driving," said St. James.

People were definitely watching, ratings were up thirty percent over last year’s race which was pushed to Monday night because of rain.

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