Top of the List: Petraeus scandal, letters from sandy and rats doomed on island

The stories people were talking about on November 15, include:

1) G-MAN REVEALED:  The FBI agent who ignited the Petraeus scandal was called out by the Seattle Times. Special Agent Fred Humphries was a special family friend of the woman basking in scandal spotlight. Tampa socialite Jill Kelley is the talk, if not the toast, of the social media sphere

2) LOVE LETTERS FROM SANDY:  Kathleen Mullen was walking on the Jersey Shore when up cropped a tantalizing treasure: a stack of letters tied with a pink ribbon. 

Written between 1942 and 1947, the love letters told the tale of a young couple engaged to be married. Mullen got on Google and tracked down the mystery couple’s niece, who says her uncle had passed away. Her aunt is in a nursing home, and the letters are a gift.

It’s a love story even Sandy couldn't wash away.

3) TWO FOR ONE SALE: Internet wiz-kids the Winklevoss twins, who are famous for claiming Facebook was their idea (not Mark Zuckerberg's), are back in the online game. This time they are working with retail deal finder: Hukkster.

The Manhattan-based startup allows users to track items they find on shopping sites. It’s kind of like an eBay for the whole internet. 

4) MINI MODELS: Christy Turlington, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Cindy Crawford have something in common besides beauty, poise, and long legs.  They each have  daughters following in their stiletto footsteps. 

5) RATS PACK: Authorities in the Galapagos Islands have begun the extermination of an estimated 180 million  rodents. Rats were introduced by whalers and pirates over 300 years ago. Over the years, they have thrown a monkey wrench in the fragile food chain by gorging on the eggs and hatchlings of species like giant tortoises and the island's iconic sun baked iguanas,





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