Top of the List: Powerball craze, Cyber Monday madness and a rain delay

Here are the stories people were talking about on November 26.

1) POWERBALL PANDEMONIUM: The Powerball is now at $425 million and it could be yours if you have the winning ticket Wednesday night. Over 30 states are participating in the gigantic jackpot lotto which makes your chances of winning 1 in 175 million.

2) CYBER MONDAY MANIA:  The research firm comScore has estimated that Americans spent $1.5 billion on Cyber Monday. This is up from 2011 by 20 percent.

3) CONFETTI CONFIDENTIAL:  There were a lot of giant balloons Thursday at Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and loads and loads of confetti.  Some of it was made from the confidential documents from the Nassau County Police Departments. 

4) RAIN DELAY: The third quarter of the Seahawks-Dolphins game Sunday was interrupted by the automatic sprinkler system, surprising the players...and the refs.

5) NO SATISFACTION: The Rolling Stones kicked off their 50th Anniversary tour in London this weekend. Unbelievably, the concert was cut short because curfew laws in area prohibit live music past 11 p.m. and the aging rockers couldn't close with their classic hit "Satisfaction." 


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