Top of the List: Powerball lines, end of DWTS and hockey talks

On November 27, these were the stories people were talking about:

1) BIG MONEY GRAB:  From Powerball fever to holiday shopping, the U.S.A is going green. Sure, you have a better chance of being struck by lightning than winning the lottery, but that  hasn't slowed lineup for Wednesday night's jackpot.

2) TEXAS TODDLER: Just moments after a surveillance cameras caught a 16-month-old crossing through his family's jewelry store, a car smashed through the front window, creaming everything in its path. Miraculously, the toddler was not hurt.  The 84-year-old driver said she hit the gas pedal instead of brake.

3) TWO AND A HALF HATER: Angus T. Jones, known for his role as Charlie Sheen’s nephew on “Two and a Half Men,” says he doesn't want to be on the show.  And if you see him on the show, you should stop watching. Jones says the top-rated sitcom is filth. Jones has grown from a kid to a man over the show's 9 years. He’s now 19 and a member of the Forerunner Christian Church based in Fremont, California.

4) THIN ICE: There is new hope for hockey fans. They are now on day 73 of the NHL lockout and the latest word on the rink is that federal mediators are going to join in the frozen negotiations. Dispute between players and owners has already put one third of regular season in penalty box.

5) END OF DANCING: It’s the last show of Dancing with the Stars’ season 15, but who will win. Will it be reality TV star Melissa Rycroft, Olympian Shawn Johnson or actress Kelly Monaco?

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