Top of the List: Powerball winner caught on tape, Pong b-day and Bo sniffs out White House

On November 30, these were the stories people were talking about:

1) POSSIBLE POWERBALLER:  Surveillance video from a Maryland Exxon station may have caught a possible Powerball winner on tape.  He walked into the station, pulled out a lottery ticket and handed it to the clerk. He mentioned to the clerk he had bought the ticket in Arizona and seconds later…eureka!

2) BO’S NOSE KNOWS: At the White House, halls are decked and Bo has given them the waterdog once-over.  This year's theme is "Joy to all!"  In the video, the 4-year-old pup pads from room to room until he winds up in a staring contest with giant likeness -- of himself! 

Approximately, 90,000 people are expected to check out the White House’s boughs-of-holly in person.

3) MILE HIGH HOOKUP:  Not sure what to do on your next layover? Maybe  you should try your hands at airport dating. There is a new website called that matches your profile and travel info with like-minded high-fliers at same airport.  So far, 20,000 people have signed up.

4) PONG PARTY: If the sound of Pong sounds familiar, then you're either over 40 or a hard-core game geek living in your mother's basement. Atari's founder Nolan Bushnell revealed his secrets about the classic game saying they had a square ball not because they thought it was cool, but because it was all they could do.

5) WHO NEEDS CHRISTMAS: 10-year-old James Groccia desperately wanted a Lego Emerald Night Train Set. He scrimped and saved. He planned and dreamed. And when he finally got to the store... they were sold out!

Heartsick, the lad wrote a letter to Lego politely asking if they had any stashed away. He waited and waited and then the package arrived. The kid’s reaction was better than the Powerball guy.


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