Top of the list: Racing into history, and the Dog-Tona 500

Here’s what people are talking about on Friday, February 22, 2013.

1.  RACING INTO HISTORY:  This weekend Danica Patrick will lead the pack at the Daytona 500.  Patrick is the first woman to win the pole for any race in the NASCAR top series.  All eyes will be on her as the green flag drops on Sunday.  The List talked with radio host and race car driver Bruce St. James about Patrick’s chances of winning.  He said her chances are as good as the other racers but ‘experience does count a lot in that race, and that’s what she’s lacking in’.  The pole position is an advantage, but it doesn’t make winning a cinch.  Only one in five racers turn it into a trophy.

2.  COURTROOM CRAZINESS AROUND THE GLOBE:  Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius has been granted bail.  The double amputee is charged with murdering his girlfriend in South Africa on Valentine’s Day.  He claims it was accidental.  In Arizona, the prosecution is taking its turn grilling accused murder Jodi Arias.  The 32 year old says she killed her on again, off again boyfriend, Travis Alexander, back in 2008 in self defense.  In cross examination, the prosecutor challenged Arias’ memory.  In testimony she recalled details of a Starbucks order five years ago, but had trouble with crucial details of the case.  If convicted, she could be put to death.  In Illinois, Drew Peterson shouted his innocence during his sentencing.  The former police officer was sentenced to 38 years in prison for his third wife’s death.  This case is far from over,  Peterson could file an appeal, and prosecutors could file charges against him in the disappearance of his fourth wife.

3.  PERFECT WEEKEND FOR NASCAR AND COURT TV:  Old man winter is beating up on the Midwest, and he’s taking his one two punch to the east coast next.  The record breaking snow storm sent a bus sliding into a lamp post in Kansas City, and in Cleveland a plane slid off the runway.  Parts of Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas received as much as a foot of snow.  The same storm could cause a third straight weekend of snow for New England.  It’s also expected to drench Georgia and Florida with as much as 7 inches of rain.

4.  THE DOG-TONA 500:  The video is enough to make anyone smile, monkeys riding dogs in a race to the finish line.  The unlikely combination took to the hallways of an Indianapolis TV station to promote a bull riding event in town.  The lovely lady in pink darted through a finish line of caution tape and construction cones to win it all. 

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