Top of the List: Remembering Sandy Hook, little LeBron & last minute shopping

Here were the stories everyone was talking about on December 21.

1) LIVES REMEMBERS: At 9:30 Friday morning, church bells across the nation rang out 26 times. Each ring was for one of the victims in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. Some websites went dark for a moment, while others placed a green ribbon on their site.  Even the New York Stock Exchange paused to remember.

2) PROCRASTINATOR PEP TALK: This is the last weekend to do Christmas shopping. Some stores are targeting last minute shoppers with longer hours and Macy’s will be open for 24 hours until December 24.

3) LITTLE LEBRON: Julian Newman stands just four feet five inches, but he's got game. The 11-year-old fifth grader is a starter for the varsity high school team in his town near Orlando. The junior "Jordan" had to move up because when he played kids his own age, he scored 91 points in a game. Newman goes to a private school so he's allowed to compete with the big boys.

4) POPE BEAT BIEBER:  One week after sending his first tweet, the pope surpassed Justin Bieber in retweets. The pop star has 30 million more followers than the pope, but the pope's got more support from his papal peeps.

5) HEAVENLY BODY SHOTS: NASA showed off a dramatic new view of Saturn and its rings.The image was taken while the Cassini spacecraft was in Saturn's shadow causing an eerie, backlit effect.

And now you are caught up and clued in on the top of the list!

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