Top of the List: Royal baby watch, twinkies saved and a massive star

Here were the top stories people were talking about on November 20.

1) BABY TALK: Royal watchers are buzzing about the possibility of a baby announcement from Prince William and Kate.  Speculators across pond are pregnant with stories about Kate carrying the heir to the throne.  One of Kate’s former college roommates and a royal wedding guest has predicted that we’ll hear about the baby bulletin before Christmas. 

2) SIGNS OF THE SEASON:  The Thanksgiving travel crunch has begun and workers have been busy getting the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree ready with a star...and not just any star. This one sparkles with 250 Swarovski crystals and one million facets. The star weighs 550 pounds.

3) TWINKIE RESCUE:  Rest easy America, Your Ho Hos and Ding Dongs are safe. A Federal bankruptcy judge has ordered Hostess to go to the negotiating table before they liquidate and ruin everyone's lives. The company closing could have put 18,000 people out on their shortcakes.

4) MIDLIFE APE ANGST: New research shows it's not just humans who experience a "midlife crisis." Apes also get the half-life heebie jeebies.  Over 500 great apes including orangutans and gorillas on three continents demonstrated that they are happiest when they are young, just like humans.

5) SCENT OF A SCIENTIST: Israeli scientists have made an amazing discovery -- a new smell!   They named it:  "olfactory white."  The idea was to see if there was a smell equivalent to white light and white noise. The lab mixed 40 different scents and cooked up the new nasal concoction. 

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