Top of the List: Royal prank, Anderson Cooper temporarily blind, old dino bones and snowman fun

On December 5, these were the stories people were talking about:

1) ROYALLY PUNKED:  Two giddy Australian DJs pulled off the ultimate prank. While on the air, they posed as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, and called the private hospital where Kate was battling extreme morning sickness. The audibly nervous nurse opened up to them thinking she really was the Queen.

Apologies were quick to come. The hospital apologized for releasing private information, and the DJs apologized for the prank.

2) BLINDED BY THE LIGHT: Anderson Cooper is temporarily blind. The culprit is UV rays that bounced off water.  While on assignment off the coast of Portugal, sunlight actually burned his retinas. He says he woke up in the middle of the night feeling like his eyes were on fire.

3) LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK: Forbes has named the most overpaid stars in Hollywood. Topping the list is Eddie Murphy. The rankings were based on what actors were paid, versus what their movies made. Murphy raked in tens of millions with “Tower Heist” and “A Thousand Words" on apathetic viewers.  Others on the list included Katherine Heigl, Sandra Bullock and Jack Black.

4) DEM BONES: Fossils sitting in storage at London's Natural History Museum for 80 years were finally analyzed and they may have found the world's oldest dinosaur. Scientists believe the dog-sized dino sporting a five-foot tail roamed the earth 243-million years ago.

It's named "nyasa-saurus parringtoni" for the paleontologist who dug the bones up back in the 1930s at a lake in Tanzania.

5) SNOWMAN SNOWJOB: Magician Rich Ferguson dressed up as Frosty the Snowman. As people walked by, he dropped his happy holidays sign, scaring the poor souls who picked it up. This isn’t the first popular gag that Ferguson has done. On Halloween, the prankster surprised folks by sneezing and having his head fall off. 

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