Top of the List: Sexiest man alive, politico scandal continues and taking back Thanksgiving

Here are the top stories people are talking about on November 14.

1) PETRAEUS UPDATE: The telenovela that includes David Petraeus, Paula Broadwell, General John Allen and Jill Kelley in a politico-military sex scandal continues. While the former CIA director has stayed tight-lipped about the affair. he will testify this week before Congress about last month's Benghazi terrorist attack.

Meanwhile, Jill Kelley is talking to police. Cops say the socialite at center of sex storm is complaining about reporters on her lawn and requesting diplomatic protection

2) SEXIEST MAN ALIVE:  Hunka-licious Channing Tatum was declared People Magazine's sexiest man alive.  The Magic Mike star with man-tastic moves and amazing abs was modest about his new crown, saying he thought everyone was messing with him.

Tatum is married to actress Jenna Dewan, who says he's a pretty good masseur, and Tatum says he's ready for daddy-hood.

3) TAKING THANKSGIVING BACK:  You expect long lines on Black Friday and that's exactly where some want them to stay -- on Friday!  Online petitions are demanding stores stay closed on Thanksgiving rather than open on Turkey Day to cash in on extra sales time.

A group of unhappy Target employees have their own petition on the go after the retailer announced they'll open Thanksgiving at 9 p.m. 

4) PAGING DOCTOR DESTRUCTION: An SUV sailed across a median and crashed into another car. At the wheel was an ER doctor. Police say Kristen Howard was drunk, high and dressed in scrubs on her way to work. She slammed into a car driven by a 78-year-old man. He was not badly hurt, but ironically rushed to the same emergency room where the drunk doctor practices.

Howard was named doctor of the year in 2009.

5) A SANDY SPRUCE: This year’s Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree has rolled into town.  The 82-foot tall Norway spruce has roots in New Jersey where it survived Hurricane Sandy. Hungarian immigrant Joseph Balku grew the tree on his property and was humbled by the choice.




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