Top of the list: Squatting the American Dream and surprise birth

Here are the topics people are buzzing about on January 25, 2013.

1.     NOROVIRALIST:  The wonder from down under that is sending people to hospitals all over the world has hit the U.S.  As if we didn’t have enough to worry about with the flu, the Norovirus is attacking.  You’ll know you have it if you suffer from vomiting and diarrhea. 

The good news is it isn’t as serious as the flu and doesn’t last as long either.  The bad news is your flu shot won’t protect you, neither will anti-bacterial.  Doctors say this virus spreads like wildfire in schools, nursing homes and cruise ships.

2.       STEALTHY STORK:  A Phoenix woman is living a real life version of the cable TV show ‘I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant’.  Janae Colvart went to the hospital with stomach pains and came home with a bouncing baby girl. 

Matt Gallant caught up with her at the hospital and asked how she could possibly not know she was pregnant.

"Trust me I think the same thing.  Very interesting to know you have a baby and didn’t know you were pregnant," Colvart said.  

Colvart has worked at the same restaurant serving pie and pancakes for the past 10 years.  She says it’s going to be hard to explain what happened to her loyal customers, who are already wondering where she’s been.  Baby Isabella came into the world healthy and weighting almost 5 pounds, doctors guess she was born at 36 weeks.

3.       SQUATTING THE AMERICAN DREAM:  A five bedroom, $2.5 million home without a mortgage?  A 23-year-old in Boca Raton is taking advantage of an obscure Florida real estate law called "adverse possession."  As long as he stays in the foreclosed home for 7 years and pays the property tax, he can claim the title; if the homeowner forgets about it. 

Since it’s a foreclosure, that’s the bank.  Neighbors say the lights went on at the home around Christmas.

4.       THE BUZZ ON THE BELTWAY:  He’s used to fending off world leaders and terrorist threats, but it was a tiny fly that rattled President Obama at a news conference yesterday.  At one point the pesky insect made a short layover on the President’s forehead.  

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