Top of the list: Taco Bell's beef with vegetables, Raven lunatic and here comes Mr. Bubble

Here is the list of stories people are talking about on January 29, 2013.

1. RSV 911:  A new virus has parents across the country concerned. RSV, or Respiratory syncytial virus, is on the upswing.  It’s the same virus that causes the common cold, and it hits almost all children before they turn two.  RSV becomes dangerous when it attacks the lungs of newborns and premature babies.  Parents should look out for a high fever, severe cough, wheezing, difficulty breathing and blush colored lips and nails.  If the symptoms become severe, Dr. Bob Graham urges parents to take their children to the emergency room or the hospital.  There Graham says they will treat the children.
"We suction a lot of secretions out of these babies. We give them oxygen when they need it, make sure they are getting good nutrition either through an IV or through a feeding tube.  If necessary, we can actually put them on a ventilator and actually take over breathing for them," said Dr. Graham.  
There is no vaccine for RSV.
2. SAWYER STEPPING DOWN?  Word today that ABC World News Anchor Diane Sawyer could be considering retirement this year and that prompted a quick denial.  A source close to the beloved broadcaster told the New York Daily News Sawyer is overwhelmed with personal problems and may leave to take care of her family.  A representative for Sawyer’s employer, ABC, denies the report saying "that’s a bunch of nonsense and Diane’s plans for 2013 haven’t changed in any way."
3. RAVEN LUNATIC !!  A rabid Raven’s fan is going to the Super Bowl.  You may have seen video of super fan, Keith Letourneu, going nuts when the birds beat the Broncos.  His wife turned the camera on him and the video went viral.  A credit card company saw the video and rewarded Letourneau for his gusto sending him to the big game.
4. A BEEF WITH VEGETABLES:  Taco Bell is pulling a commercial after a barrage of tweets complaining it badmouthed vegetables.  The ad promotes the chain’s taco 12 pack, it says bringing a veggie tray to a party is like "punting on fourth and one."  
The Center for Science in the Public Interest urged people to tweet their gripes.  And the power of social media wins again.  Another ad may have women watching the big game asking themselves if they’re feeling lucky.  Sizzling British model Andrew Cooper is the star of the new Diet Coke ad.  The commercial is a modern take on the 1994 commercial that made hunk Lucky Vanous a household name.
5. HERE COMES MR. BUBBLE:  A huge storm surge churned up the sea in Australia, creating massive amounts of foam.  The foam is caused by huge waves and high winds injecting air into the water.
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