Top of the list: Te'O Betray'o, the worst tennis serve ever and a therapy pig

Here’s the list of stories people are talking about on January 24, 2013.

1. BEYONCE-GATE:  New video of Beyonce’s performance is out today from Wall Street Journal Live, if you listen closely you can hear two voices come through.  Beyonce has not made a public statement about the performance, but an anonymous inauguration official is talking.  He says she made the decision to lip sync the night before, because she didn’t have time to rehearse with the U.S. Marine Corp Band.

2. TE’O BETRAY’O:  Another turn in the Manti Te’O drama.  The woman who says her identity was stolen to create Manti’s fake online girlfriend talked to Anderson Cooper on CNN.  Diane O’Meara says an acquaintance of Te’Os named Ronaiah Tuiasosopo reached out to her a few days before the story broke telling her he had been stalking her online profile for years, using her photos.  She says Tuisasosopo used them to create the identity of Lennay Kekua.  
Tuiasosopo’s lawyer told the New York Daily News that he pretended to be a girl and was the voice of the imaginary voice Te’O spent hours talking to on the phone.  Tuiasosopo has not spoken publicly about the allegations.

3. LIVING IN THE U-ICE-A:  Firefighters battled a fire at a warehouse in Chicago turning it into an ice sculpture.  The below zero temperatures made fighting the fire difficult as crews dealt with frozen hydrants and ice on the ladders and hoses.  Everywhere from the Upper-Midwest to the Northeast are dealing with bone chilling temperatures.

4. WORST TENNIS SERVE EVER:  Professional tennis player Li Na served up a doozy in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open, sending the ball into the stands.  She kept a sense of humor about it saying, "I wanna have good communication with the fans."  Na ended up winning the set and going to the finals.

5. THE PIG EASY:  Dogs are man’s best friend, purring cats lower blood pressure, but if you’re allergic what do you do?  You may want to look at a therapy pig.  Twinkie helps ease a young man with Down’s Syndrome’s anxiety and he’s hypoallergenic.  The family beat a citywide ban on pet pigs thanks to a doctor’s prescription. 
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